Northville Library Art Show to Feature Lexington and Transitions Artists

Artists from Lexington’s Creative Expressions program and the Transitions program will be featured in a Sacandaga Valley Arts Network (SVAN) art show at the Northville Library Gallery, located at 341 S. Third Street, Northville. The show will run from October 31 to December 28, 2017. The public is welcome to attend a Meet the Artists reception on Tuesday, November 14, from 6-8 p.m.

The show features collaborative splatter paintings based on the work of Jackson Pollock, a 20th century American painter who helped pioneer the abstract expressionism movement of spontaneous, emotional, abstracted art. The Transitions students were inspired to research and study the movement and Pollock’s technique after a docent-led tour of the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, where they saw original pieces by Pollock and many of his peers.


The artists who collaborated on the Creative Expressions piece include Bobby Carr, Richard Freeman, Dennis Hoyer, Caroline Pendlebury, Adrienne Phillips, Thelma Senecal, Taylor Skinner, Debbie Woodruff and Mikyle Woodward. The artists who collaborated on the Transitions piece include Zen Anderson, Lacy Brower, Maria Bucholtz, Greg Clicquennoi, Josh Corbett, Olivia Esposito, Joe Magliocca, Eric Noonan, Noah Pappas, Maggie Roarke, Marybeth Sefcovic, Bethany Sweet and Kristen Troy. 

The Northville Library Gallery is open to the public Monday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to noon; Tuesday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The gallery is free of admission. or call the gallery at (518) 863-6922 for more information about this show.

Lexington’s Creative Expressions program is committed to creating inspired living through the arts. The program promotes independence and choice through outcome-based programs and involvement in the community. Goals focus on social activity, creativity, talent, choice, exercise, self-worth, skill-building, and health and wellness awareness. Creative Expressions artists have participated in many local exhibitions, won several prestigious awards and sold more than 100 pieces of art. For more information about Creative Expressions, call Lexington at (518) 773-7931 or visit

Transitions is an apprenticeship program that supports young adults with learning differences ages 18-27 as they attend college, get their first jobs and live independently for the first time. Its innovative curriculum covers social skills, health and wellness, independent life, self-management, and self-advocacy and leadership. The program also offers career success and exploration classes, coordinates internships in local businesses and provides job coaching and mentorship opportunities. For more information about this unique program, visit or call (518) 775-5384.

People with disabilities find meaningful employment in the local area

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and at Lexington’s Employment Resources, we are happy to recognize the individuals we support to find meaningful and lasting employment in our community. Most importantly, we are very grateful to the businesses that provide jobs and opportunities to people with disabilities.


The history of National Disability Employment Awareness Month traces back to 1945 and we are so proud to celebrate the abilities of the workers we support at Lexington.

Having a disability does not mean that someone does not want to or is not capable of working; it is just the opposite. They want to earn a living, they want to be productive and they want to be part of the team. A few of the local employees made the following statements about their jobs: “I like my job because it is very rewarding to me. My job has given me a place to be part of, to grow and succeed as an individual,” and, “If I didn’t have this job, I would be nowhere. This job is my life, my friendships and my enjoyment.”

At Lexington’s Employment Resources, we have a dedicated team of job developers, employment specialists who assist individuals to find both full- and part-time employment. Our applicants are experienced, pre-screened, educated and motivated to establish lasting careers. Our staff of trained professionals is available to assist employers to match the individual with the job. The employment specialists then assist the individual with learning tasks, helping him/her blend into the workforce, become successful in the job and become a valuable member of their team.

The Employment Resources team has partnered with businesses in our region that make every effort to employ and support people with different abilities. We are grateful and appreciate their willingness to help fulfill the goals and dreams of these men and women. The following are businesses that employ and provide opportunities to men and women supported by Lexington’s Employment Resources: Amsterdam Mohawks, ACCES-VR, Brennan Human Society, Burger King, Catholic Charities, Carousel Kids Daycare, Century Linen and Uniform, Chartwells Dining @ FMCC, EVMI Chocolates, Encore Kids, FLAME, Fulton Center for Rehab and Healthcare, Fulton Montgomery County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Fulton County Tax Map, Gloversville School District, Gloversville Transit Department, Hannaford, Harrison Document Services, Harvey’s Home and Garden, HFM BOCES, Home Helpers and Direct Link of Amsterdam, Italian Bistro, Johnstown Police Department, Johnstown Public Library, JAVAC, Kasson and Keller, Keymark Corp, Kingsboro Catering, The Leader-Herald, Lexington, Liberty, Lowes, McDonald's – Johnstown, Mohawk Harvest Co-op, Mohawk Sign, Nathan Littauer Hospital, New Process Cleaners, NYSID Warehouse, Price Chopper – Amsterdam, Gloversville, Johnstown, The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, Pizza Hut of Gloversville, Putman Enterprises, Railside Cafe, Ruby & Quiri, Salvation Army, St. Johnsville Rehab & Nursing Home, Schine Building, Shirley J. Luck Senior Citizen Center, SW Spa, Sunset Bay Resort, The Eccentric Club, Tops Supermarket, Universal Warehouse, Visiting Nurses, Walgreens, Walmart DC, Wade Tree Service, Walgreens of Gloversville, Wal-Mart of Gloversville, Wells Nursing Home, Wendy’s, WENT 1340, WGNA 107.7, YMCA Daycare and Fulton County YMCA.

Employment Resources is committed to helping people lead successful lives. Any business interested in partnering with Employment Resources to explore a viable, pre-screened and motivated applicant pool, please contact us. Employment Resources is located at 465 North Perry Street in Johnstown, New York. Kathy Simone, the director of Employment Resources, can be reached at (518)736-4266 or

WALLY HART, Lexington’s Division Director of Business and Community Development,
and KATHY SIMONE, Lexington’s Director of Employment Opportunities

The Lexington Foundation's NIGHT OUT is coming to the Nigra Arts Center!

The Lexington Foundation’s NIGHT OUT will take place at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts on Friday, September 22. The event begins at 6 p.m. The arts center is located at 2736 State Highway 30, Gloversville.

2016 Lexington Night Out.jpg

The NIGHT OUT will feature food and craft beer from Lanzi’s on the Lake, musical performances by Pat Decker and Flame, raffles and auctions, magician Shaun Robison, dancing and much more. Proceeds will benefit the Nigra Arts Center and Transitions.

The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts is upstate New York's premier community arts center, providing classes in music, dance, art, yoga, cooking and more. The center houses exceptional art venues, hosts family fun events, and provides educational opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and artistic skills. Additionally, the Nigra Arts Center is a popular venue for private and corporate events.

Transitions is making a difference in the lives of young people and families by providing the training and skills needed for students to live independently and follow their college and career dreams. This outstanding college and career Apprenticeship program is uniquely designed for young adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities and other learning differences.

Individual tickets for the NIGHT OUT are $100. Tables for 10 and sponsorships are also available. For more information, visit or call (518) 661-9932.

Transitions and Fulton - Montgomery Community College introduce Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies

Transitions and the State University of New York at Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC) are excited to announce a partnership to offer a Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies. The new certificate program combines credit-bearing courses at FMCC with a non-credit curriculum at Transitions to help students develop executive functioning skills, learn how to be successful at work and in life, build independent living skills and strengthen self-management, advocacy and leadership skills.


“We are grateful to the partnership and support that the State University of New York at Fulton-Montgomery Community College has provided in developing and offering this new Certificate in Career and Life Studies,” said Jennifer Feagles, LMSW, Director of Transitions. “This will provide a certificate to the young adults who are ready to pursue their independence and career goals after high school.”

The Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies will assist students such as Marybeth, an active, social and career-minded 22-year-old who was very different before she joined the program. Back then, she was quiet, cripplingly shy and lacking direction or job prospects.

“I didn’t have many friends,” Marybeth said. “I was shy. My mom would have to find ways to get me out of the house.”

When she joined Transitions, Marybeth gained access to internship opportunities in a variety of businesses as well as classes that helped her improve her social, organizational, time management, executive functioning and independent living skills. With the help of those classes, career success courses at FMCC and her current internship at Harvey’s Home, Garden and Pet Center, Marybeth is well on her way to achieving her goal of obtaining a job in her dream field of working with animals.

Transitions, a post-secondary program that helps young adults with autism and other learning differences achieve success after high school, helped Marybeth overcome all her personal obstacles and more. And now, through this partnership with FMCC, Transitions can do even more to prepare her for success in life beyond the program.

“This partnership with FMCC will provide life-changing opportunities for our students,” said Shaloni Winston, founder of Transitions and Executive Director of Lexington - Fulton County Chapter, NYSARC, Inc. “Pursuing a Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies will give them not only a quality education that truly prepares them to live and work independently, but also the invaluable experience of being part of college campus life with peers in a similar stage in life, with all the same goals and challenges. Everyone deserves a career they love and a life they control themselves. This certificate program will help realize that dream for many young adults.”

To obtain the Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies, students will take credit-bearing classes in career exploration and preparation, resume and cover letter preparation, job interviewing and professional self-presentation at FMCC, and non-credit bearing classes in time management, organization, social success, wellness, self-advocacy and independent living skills at Transitions.

A minimum of 250 hours of on-the-job internship experience at community businesses with graduated levels of responsibility will be required for each student. Transitions staff will provide job coaching, liaise with employers and encourage communication skills that will lead to success in future employment. They will also liaise with the college staff to assist the student in receiving academic support and learning skills needed to complete schoolwork and interact success fully with peers and professors. All students will have full access to the college’s library, gym, clubs and other resources.

“FMCC is proud to partner with Transitions to provide this certificate program for their students,” said Dustin Swanger, Ed.D., president of FMCC. “We believe that education enhances everyone’s life, and receiving a validation of that education in the form of an official certificate not only provides a conclusion to any given program, it becomes a symbol of pride for the learner for years to come.”

This program is suited but not limited to students with learning differences, such as autism spectrum disorder, learning differences and ADHD. Students may attain their certificate on a full-time or part-time basis. Student apartment living with a focus on learning independent living skills is also available for full-time students.

In the two years since its creation, Transitions has already made a significant difference in the lives of dozens of young people who have enrolled in camps, events and full-year programs at its Mayfield campus. This certificate program is an opportunity to marry the immersive lessons of Transitions to FMCC’s fully integrated college environment, giving students a life-altering experience that will set them on the path to success throughout the rest of their lives.

To learn more and to apply, please visit, contact (518) 775-5384 or email

Transitions Now Offering Let's Get Organized Classes

If you know a young adult who has trouble with organization, getting things done on time, handling papers or homework, and overall doing tasks that require “executive functioning,” we have a solution. Starting April 25th, we are presenting Let’s Get Organized!, a series of classes aimed at improving these skills for youth with learning differences.

• Curriculum “Seeing My Time” by Marydee Sklar- visual tools for executive functioning success
• Classes cover self-assessment, organization, time management, handling papers and using a planner

• Teens or young adults ages 15-20

2736 State Highway 30
Mayfield, NY 12117

• April 25, May 2, May 9 from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. These three classes cover part of the curriculum, with more classes planned in the future

Taught by:
• Certified “Seeing My Time” instructors Erin Hollenbeck and Heidi West

• Cost is $49 for the three classes

For more information and to register, please contact:
Terry Williams, Transitions Admissions Coordinator
(518) 775-5384

Lexington Receives NYSARC Trust Recreation Grant

The Trustees of the NYSARC, Inc. Trust have approved a remainder fund grant of $12,500 per chapter to provide recreational opportunities for people they support. Last year the Chapter received a similar grant from NYSARC Trust Services to enhance the Encounters Social Club at Lexington. The social club brings together people in recreational venues from all over Lexington and the community to help combat isolation and provide opportunities to meet others with like interests. Approximately 60 people were served by the grant last year.

The funding this year was used by the Encounters group, the Commit club and by a group from the Lexington Family Services. A portion of this year’s funding was used by the Encounters group to continue the social activities that were started last year. Membership mixers were held as well as dinners out, dancing, football and video gaming nights. Each event offered club members a supportive venue to meet new people and experience new activities. Approximately 65 people attended the Encounters events.

The Commit club provides people with opportunities to experience outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and fishing. The focus is on teamwork and health and wellness activities while promoting positive social interactions in the community and at home. The grant funding was used to purchase items such as snowshoes, fishing gear, and backpacks. Approximately 30 people were served through the Commit program.

Funding was also used for various recreational events for people served by Lexington’s Family Services program. Trips to Disney on Ice, movies, recreational events, the Aquarium and other venues were made possible for people who may never be afforded such an opportunity. Also provided were social skills coaching and training opportunities in a recreational setting for teens and young adults. Approximately 125 people benefited from the grant funding under the guidance of the Lexington Family Services program.

In addition, remainder fund grants totaling $1,466,000 were awarded to support NYSARC guardianship programs statewide. A total of $1,874,000 in remainder grants was awarded in 2016 to support recreation and guardianship statewide. NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that enable people with disabilities to remain in their home and community while retaining Medicaid services and other government benefits. Information is available on how NYSARC Trust Services may benefit you: our website, phone 1-518-439-8323, toll free phone 1-800-735-8924 or e-mail

Marydee Sklar is Coming to Transitions on October 18 to discuss Building Executive Function Skills: Time Management, Planning and Organization!

Everyone struggles to stay on top of things sometimes, but does your student, son or daughter have frequent and serious trouble with:

  • Procrastination?
  • Staying focused?
  • Losing track of time?
  • Turning in assignments late, incomplete or not at all?
  • Losing belongings?
  • Starting and/or completing things?
  • Managing multi-step tasks?
  • Acting without thinking?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, you might benefit from attending Marydee Sklar’s seminar on:
Building Executive Function Skills: Time Management, Planning and Organization

This is an interactive, hands-on workshop that will give you tools to help students understand the connection between their brain development and their behaviors tied to time management, planning and organization. You will come away armed with tools, strategies and practical knowledge to help students strengthen executive function skills and become more productive. Feel free to apply what you’ve learned to improve your own time management as well!

For nearly twenty years Marydee Sklar has specialized in teaching the executive function skills of time management, planning, and organization to families and adults. Her latest book: 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed-Develop Your Student’s Time-Management and Executive Skills for Life is designed to bring relief to anxious and frustrated parents concerned about the school success of their child or teen. Her Seeing My Time books are used in private practice settings, middle schools, high schools, and colleges. The instructor’s manual for her Seeing My Time workbook won a gold medal in the education/academia category of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. More information may be found at


Lexington SELF-Advocates Meet Senator Charles Schumer!

On Wednesday, March 30, several staff and Lexington Self-Advocates traveled to the Wildwood School in Schenectady for a press conference where United States Senator Charles Schumer, NY spoke about his new Bill, The Disability Integration Act of 2015.

Lexington Self-Advocates Zach Durkee and Jose Kemp in the front row

Lexington Self-Advocates Zach Durkee and Jose Kemp in the front row

Lexington Self-Advocate Dennis Hoyer shakes Senator Schumer's hand

Lexington Self-Advocate Dennis Hoyer shakes Senator Schumer's hand

Senator Charles Schumer  

Senator Charles Schumer


Lexington Self-Advocate Grace Rhodes meets Senator Schumer

Lexington Self-Advocate Grace Rhodes meets Senator Schumer

According to a press release issued by his office, this new legislation will help individuals with disabilities live more independently by providing necessary at-home and community-based services and supports. Specifically, the legislation ensures that any individual who is found eligible for institutional care must also be given the option to receive the same necessary services and supports at home, or in a setting of their choosing, that would have otherwise been provided in an institutional setting. This legislation gives individuals with disabilities the option to live more independently, and in the comfort of their own home, rather than in an institutional facility away from their friends and family. This legislation will also help ease the financial burden of those who do not want to live in a facility and may be paying high out-of-pocket insurance costs for in-home services and supports. The bill will help alleviate the emotional burden that family members are often faced with when taking care of their loved ones with disabilities who are not receiving the necessary services and supports.

“Individuals with disabilities have the right to live independent, fulfilling lives amongst their families and friends – but right now, they are often denied the kind of at-home services and supports that then keep them in institutional settings, far from their loved ones and communities. We need to be doing everything in our power to make sure they have the resources needed to live and thrive in the comfort of their own homes,” said Schumer. “This legislation will finally give individuals with disabilities the option to receive these types of services at home, so that they can continue living life to the fullest in their own communities.”

The Disability Integration Act ensures that any individual with a disability who is found eligible for institutional care must be given the option to receive the necessary services that allow them to be more independent. If passed, this legislation would prohibit public entities and insurance providers that pay for long-term services and supports (LTSS) from using waiting lists, screening people out, capping services, under-paying workers for services or taking any other actions that would restrict the home- and community-based services provided to people with disabilities. The Disability Integration Act specifically defines LTSS as the assistance provided to individuals with disabilities in accomplishing, acquiring the means or ability to accomplish, maintaining, or enhancing activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, health-related tasks or other related functions, tasks or activities. For example, LTSS programs might include help with eating, bathing, dressing, preparing food, managing medication and housekeeping.