Autism Support Services

Lexington supports a number of adults and children with a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum, people who have unique needs and a need for individualized supports. We tailor activities and strategies to address those needs with evidence based interaction and communication tools including: specialized training for staff and families in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Positive Behavior Supports, Social Cognition Supports, Splash the Spectrum, Autism Movement Therapy, Assessments and Supports for Sensory Challenges, and Visual Supports. Lexington also hosts the Fulton-Montgomery Chapter of the Autism Society of America and the ASPIE group.

Lexington Center Article 16 Clinic
Autism Diagnostic Testing (Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised/Autism  Diagnostic Observation Schedule): An extensive interview designed to assist in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Provider Qualifications: Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Speech Language Pathologist (both with comprehensive training in the administration of the ADI-R/ADOS)

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