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Dear Lexington Supporters and Friends,

We have had another wonderful year at Lexington and we continue to be proud of the men and women we support and the tremendous accomplishments they are achieving. And thanks to your support and generosity, we know we will continue to achieve great things.

Individuals we support at Lexington continue to grow and learn through our many programs and services. Our employment supports are assisting nearly 150 individuals to be successful and productive in their jobs in the community. Additionally, we are working with many others to explore employment options and to develop the skills and talents to be able to work at meaningful jobs.

Art is being created in many ways at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, our new facility that opened to the public in September 2015. While our primary mission is to run a facility that provides adaptive arts and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities to enjoy a wide range of creative opportunities, we are also open to the public to encourage the community’s participation and to develop an integrated space that every aspiring artist, chef, potter or musician can create together. That is happening at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts and we couldn’t be more excited about the results.

We are also very proud of our self-advocates and the work they do to promote themselves and those who cannot communicate for themselves. Over the course of the last year our representatives who serve on the self-advocacy committee have made several important visits to Albany and local elected officials to support the best interests of their peers at Lexington.

So much good work is happening at Lexington and now we come to you asking for your continued support with confidence and trust that with your membership and support, we can continue to do even more and make the lives of the individuals we support that much more meaningful.
Please become a member of Lexington today! We need your support to make our work relevant and important, now more than ever.

Sandra Maceyka & Wally Hart
Membership Co-Chairs