Lexington Celebrates Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and to celebrate, Lexington sent daily emails to the entire agency that celebrated the ABILITIES of several individuals that we support. There are many fantastic stories - we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have!

Kim has been an awesome member of our Lexington family since 1995. Kim is a hardworking and dedicated team member of “The Crew” Cleaning and Janitorial Services. She has successfully progressed through the enclave employment readiness program and acquired the requisite skills required for competitive community employment through Employment Resources. Kim will be pursuing a position in the Food Service or Retail Industries.


Vanessa is an endless source of creative energy. Her artistic ability explodes on paper. She sees beauty everywhere and captures it in her artwork as well as through digital imagery. She has sold $925.00 in artwork to date. She was the recipient of the Spirit Award at VOICE 2013. Vanessa’s painting titled “Zebra” was selected as the Call for Artist brochure for VOICE and also took third place at the 2013 NYSACRA Exhibition at the Sagamore Hotel in Bolton Landing, Lake George, NY. Vanessa truly SHINES!


David reached the peak of Vroman’s Nose in Fulton, NY with Pathfinders Day Hab last summer. David doubted himself at first; he said he could never climb that high. He then successfully climbed to the summit, a 700 feet elevation! Congratulations on your accomplishment!


Shireen has been employed at Encore Kids since May 2014. She is definitely manager Ann Nicolella’s “girl Friday” as she can do all the computer work, book work, register work, and close everything out at the end of her shift. The best part is that all those things are her favorite things to do. She is an outstanding employee and an absolute joy to work with. She is great with the customers and always has a smile on her face. She is everything that a retail manager hopes for in an employee. Shireen is a valuable asset to the Encore Kids team. 


During the Family Services Summer Bash, Athena became very interested in joining the Twin City Twisters after watching the group and her peers perform. Athena began attending practices with the special needs group. This became a great motivator for Athena. Athena is now not only a part of the special needs group, but the tumbling group and competitive teams as well. She has even gotten her whole family to join her!  Athena is very proud of accomplishments. She has performed at halftime shows for local high school sporting events as well as the Schenectady Legends, a professional basketball team. Great Job Athena and keep up the good work!


Carmen has been working on gaining more independence. Recently, she has been able to purchase her own food and prepare her own meals. She really enjoys being able to pick out the food that she would like to eat and preparing her food the way she used to. Carmen loves making the house smell delicious with her creations.


Olivia was recently selected by the Student Affairs Committee at Schenectady County Community College to be part of this year’s Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. This honor is bestowed upon students from 2,842 institutions in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Selection for this distinguished award is based on cumulative GPA as well as involvement in campus and/or community activities. Congratulations on receiving this honor, Olivia!


Levi had a special day at Adaptive Skiing at Windam Mountain. His entire family took the day off to join him on the slopes. Having his family alongside of him meant a lot.


Andrew is a fun, energetic guy who loves to help and be involved with everything! He loves to read and is super helpful. Every morning Andrew helps out by taking lunches out of the fridge, reading the names on the bag and putting them in the right lunch box.


Michael began attending the Fonda Reformed Church in the beginning of 2014. He has handed out church bulletins and has hosted coffee hour as a service to the church. He is pictured here with his friend Joan who always makes sure to greet Michael every Sunday. Recently, a member of the congregation approached Michael to see if he would like to become a member of the church. Michael responded “yes,” and the congregant approached the pastor to inquired on Michael’s behalf about him becoming a member. Michael will be meeting the requirements to be a member of the Fonda Reformed Church next month, he will meet with the elders on April 26, and he will become an official member on May 3. It has been an amazing experience to see Michael become a valued member of his community. He has a true community family with the members of his church.


Adrienne is best known as a member of Flame, but, as impressive as that is, this young woman has many other accomplishments under her belt. She went to a Blind and Visually Impaired School in NYC and then moved to upstate NY when she was a teenager. She received a certificate from Vo-Tech Cooking College in Culinary Foundations of Foods. She dreams of being an astronaut, and is looking into taking Astro Physics courses. She skis, roller blades, ice skates, and likes to be physically active. She plays guitar, for which she took lessons, but taught herself piano and the Tonette, a type of recorder. 


Linda mentioned that she had a nice poem book to share during spiritual/religious learning activities at Kaleidoscope. She brought in the book and unbeknownst to anyone it was her own personal collection. Linda has been writing poetry for over 40 years! Kaleidoscope is currently helping her with looking into having some copies bound and maybe even published.